Our Programs

Radio Home Group

A Radio Home Group is a simple, flexible, and interactive method to assist believers in their Bible study and help them mature and grow in the word in their heart language and fellowship with one another. The study material is based on the systematic verse by verse Bible study, 'Thru the Bible'

Discipleship Essentials

Discipleship Essentials is a media-assisted, multi-lingual discipleship training tool. It is intended for open use by agencies and individuals to supplement their efforts to equip believers so they can first be discipled and then disciple others in their Christian walk.

Women Of Hope

Women of Hope’ is a scripture-centric program designed to cater to the spiritual needs of women. The Show addresses a wide array of topics and also offers some household remedies.

Bal Samay

Bal Samay is a program for children designed to build their interest towards the Word of God. The program features parables and stories from the Bible. The programs is also a great tool for Sunday school teachers to reach out to their students and have more interactive sessions with them.

Thru The Bible

'Thru The Bible' is a systematic verse by verse study of the Bible designed to cater to the spiritual needs of every individual. The carefully curated studies are designed to give a comprehensive view of the bible in an easy to understand format. The program also serves as a very effective discipleship tool.

Crosswave Radio

Crosswave is TWR India’s initiative to reach out, inspire and activate the youth of the nation. Crosswave’s programs range from offering counseling on life changing topics to promoting new christian talent.

Champions Arise

Addressing a wide array of topics from financial planning to family planning, Champions Arise is a special devotional program for men by men. The Program talks about how to live a life that is pleasing to God and take care of your responsibilities towards your family.

Aapki Aasha

A Christian Hindi Talk show where we have brief discussions regarding certain questions and topics which can be confusing for believers. talking about these points not only clarifies doubts but also helps our viewers focus their thoughts and try to look at these questions from the scriptures point of view.

More Programs

TWR India has a wide array of programs catering to the spiritual need of every demographic. The listed programs are a few of the numerous resources that TWR India provides. 
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