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Female feticides have skewed the gender ratio to 933 women for every 1000 men.  Notwithstanding the medical advancements, 1000 women die each day during child birth even as unsafe abortion methods, rape, bride burning and child marriage continue to haunt the society.

Currently we have programs in Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Gamit, Gujarati, English, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada & Telugu languages

To let every women know that God would set her free, TWR plans to produce and disseminate tailor-made programs in 20 new languages on the issues they confront. Further, in partnership with the church seminars would be conducted.

Lydia Groups

Lydia, a successful business woman and homemaker, responded to Paul's gospel message, and her entire household became believers. Named after this woman of the Bible, Lydia Groups are intended to let every woman know her worth in the eyes of God.  In ministering to women, TWR is keen to let every woman in India know that God would indeed set her free so that she in turn would set her family, her society and nation free.