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Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

TWR-India completed 25 years of broadcasting in Gamit and Kurukh languages recently, the events a celebration of God’s faithfulness.

Gamit Broadcasting

In November 2011, TWR-Gujarat organized a joyous event in Pipalkuwa, home to a large Gamit population in the Tapi-Surat district of South Gujarat.   A host of listeners, their families, friends, prayer partners, supporters, international guests and TWR-India representatives attended the colourful event that praised God for ministering wonderfully to listeners in the area.  The event took on a carnival like atmosphere with the inclusion of song, dance and other cultural programmes in addition to messages from the Word of God.

The Gamits now numbering close to a million are the fourth leading tribe in Gujarat.  Having given up the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors, over the years they settled down to farming, the tribal population now residing in Surat, Bharuch and Tapi districts of south Gujarat. Although the Gamit language has no written script it belongs to the Bhil sub-group of the central Indo Aryan languages.


Kurukh Broadcasting

TWR Jharkhand went down memory lane as it traced events that led to the introduction of Kurukh broadcasting as it celebrated 25 years of broadcasting in January 2012.  During the meeting that saw participation by TWR India representatives and others, Rawel Kujur who wrote to TWR two and a half decades ago requesting the broadcast in Kurukh and Bishop Nirdosh Lakhra, first broadcaster were honoured. 

Kurukh is the second largest language of the tribes of Jharkhand; also spoken in the adjoining states of Orissa, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, and Bihar while strains are also seen in Assam, Andaman and Nicobar islands and Nepal.