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With over 200 million oral non-literates in India and 17 million visually challenged, the literacy rate currently stands at 65%, male literacy being 75% and female 54%.

Currently we have progarms in Kutchi, Varli, Kukna, Kurukh, Bhili, Chodri, Gamit, Magahi, Kotwalia, Maithili, Mawchi, Sadri, Vasavi, Mewari, Mundari, Malvi & Kharia languages.

TWR is in the process of producing and disseminating 20 new orality programs in unengaged and unreached people group languages.  Four produced programs will be aired in chronological order in addition to conducting listener meetings.

Bible Stories in Folk Music - Bhojpuri

The Bible tells us that Jesus repeatedly used parables to illustrate profound truths. Some of the graphic analogies He used were salt, bread, sheep that were familiar to everyone.

Given that folklores are a popular source of entertainment among the Bhojpuri’s that exist in the form of songs, tales, legends and proverbs, TWR has identified folklores as a vehicle for conveying the Word of God, like parables. The audio version of 24 Bible stories are in folklore style and are a part of TWR’s Orality programs. The video version will also be available shortly.

Here you can Listen and Download

Numbering approximately 30 million, the Bhojpuri community is spread across the states of Western Bihar, Eastern Uttar Pradesh and sections of Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.