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The IVR Mobile Project (in Tamil):

The growth, penetration and familiarity that Indians have with mobile phones make it the ideal platform to deliver information and services. Because mobiles phones require less skill to use, they afford the ability to deliver content via voice, eliminating the need for literacy.

TWR’s IVR Mobile Initiative

Taking advantage of the proliferation of mobile phone ownership, TWR in February 2013 launched its latest media endeavor. Christened the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Mobile Project (presently offered in the Tamil language), the service essentially works using computerized phone technology allowing callers to interact with the computer through the use of telephone keypad inputs or voice.

Thought for the Day and Promise for the Day are 2-minute pre-recorded messages and promise verse, that are motivational and spiritually-based. The aim is to uplift and minister to people from all walks of life, in particular those who feel spiritually or emotionally bankrupt.

After listening, callers have an option of talking to a counselor or leaving a response. There is also an added feature of hearing the Gospel message and being led to accept Christ as Savior if one is willing.

A Successful Start

The IVR Mobile Project has proven to be a successful voice application. Records show that from January to June, almost 1 lakh people called in to listen to the Thought for the Day and Promises. Much of this is due to extensive publicity and public awareness. Riding on the wave of this positive response, the same initiative is being planned in the Hindi, Bengali and Telugu languages this year.

IVR Operations

The technical aspects of the project are managed from Chennai.

Recordings of Thought for the Day and Promise for the Day are done at a studio in Tirunelveli. This is also where the follow team is based.

IVR Testimonies

Earnest Paul, Tamil Nadu
I was very angry that day when I received a missed call on my mobile phone. I redialed and for the first time I was able to hear the Thought for the Day. Amazingly, the message was on anger. I was touched by it and ashamed of my anger and felt a great need to change. I started praying for myself.