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Equipping Pastors with the Word of God

The audio version of Warren Wiersbe’s Bible Commentary in Hindi was launched in April 2012. Offered on audio digital cards (SD cards) in collaboration between David C. Cook (DCC) Ministries and TWR, the commentary is expected to play a vital role in equipping grass root level pastors and lay leaders in their task of extending God’s kingdom. 

The SD Cards contained 162 thirty minute programs of Genesis and the New Testament, explained chapter by chapter. The microchips can also be used on mobile phones. The DCC chips are currently being used in eleven states of North India and efforts are being made to offer the same in more languages.

Many listeners attribute their spiritual growth, increase in knowledge and renewed desire to learn God’s Word to the DCC mobile chip. To pastors and lay leaders the SD card has been a vital resource in getting their doctrines right and for the preparation of their messages. Aside from personal growth, the audio commentary is aimed to help the recipients of the SD Cards contribute to their church activities such as leading Bible studies, cell groups or women’s fellowship, Sunday School classes as well as support their church’s evangelical programs.

Prakash T. from Jharkhand says, “ I am a missionary, currently working in an interior village in Jharkhand. The Lord has enabled me to build a church in one village.

Since I have never been to a Bible school, I somehow manage to conduct Bible studies in all the villages that I travel to; but I want to do better. It was when I was wondering how I could improve in my task, that I received your SD Card. It helps me so much in my preparation. Even as I ride to a village on my bicycle, I am able to listen to your messages and prepare for a Bible study.

I listen to your messages repeatedly and find them very interesting. Because of your help I am able to teach people and lead them in the right direction. And conducting Bible studies have never been easier with these commentaries. Life in the cities and villages are hectic these days. Under such circumstances, the SD Card Bible Study material is an ideal method of learning God’s Word.