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Holistic Development

India ranks third in the number of people afflicted with HIV/AIDS.  Further owing to illiteracy and inadequate medical awareness, millions die each year.  Vulnerable to natural calamities, the country also wrestles with issues of poverty and infant mortality.

To meet this challenge, TWR is in the process of producing HIV/AIDS awareness programs to broadcast in Kannada, Telugu, Konkani, Marathi and Manipuri. Currently we have these programs in Hindi, Bengali & Santali language. All programs would also provide tips on health care, while listener meetings will be conducted as a follow up. TWR will also provide care to the aged and has in place measures for disaster and emergency relief.

Supporting Activities

In an effort to support integrated development, TWR-India has taken various initiatives.  Most of the activities are carried out directly or in partnership to help both current and prospective listeners:

        • Medical Camps:  In partnership with churches or local social service agencies, TWR conducts free medical camps where specialists are invited to provide consultation or treatment.
        • Prison Ministry:  TWR’s listeners include prisoners who have experienced transformation from the messages of hope that are broadcast on the radio.  When the opportunity arises, TWR collaborates with local Prison Ministry officials to conduct joint programs for the welfare of prisoners.
        • Goats:  In Gujarat goats are distributed to villagers to help supplement their income.
        • Distribution of grocery hampers:  In Gujarat, TWR every Christmas donates grocery hampers to widows.
        • Educational support:  To enable more children to go to school, TWR provides educational support in the form of school fees, uniforms and books to deserving students.
        • Tailoring program:  To promote women’s empowerment, TWR organizes training in tailoring for women.
        • Health and Hygiene:  Project Hannah that reaches out to women, providing hope, deals with various topics on health and hygiene to bring awareness among the oppressed women.  This enables them to take better care of themselves and their families and help them deal with many other challenges they confront on a daily basis.
        • Station Announcements:  Regular announcements on health, hygiene and population, etc. are made at every opportunity in between radio programs.