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Our Focus

Besides the broadcasts, TWR India has undertaken many development projects including emergency relief, medical camps, value-based programs and creating awareness about HIV/AIDS, thereby paving the way for introducing the gospel. 

The focus of the TWR program can be divided into 6 broad categories:

Leadership Development:

Other than the lack of properly trained leaders and inadequate resources amidst widespread false teachings, there is a definite lack of systematic and in-depth teaching of the word of God. 

To meet this void, TWR over the next five years plans to produce and disseminate programs in 25 new languages, conduct local level listener meetings and regional leadership development seminars and also provide appropriate resources. Learn more


It is a cause for worry that children in India are increasingly vulnerable to child trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, violence and abuse.  India is also home to the world’s largest number of child labourers under the age of 14 with large numbers engaged in hazardous occupations, living on the streets and malnourished. 

What is TWR’s response?  Currently plans are in the pipeline to finance schooling for the economically deprived, conduct Vacation Bible School in co-operation with the local church and produce children’s programs in 10 new languages. 


In spite of India being considered a super-power, there are currently about 80 million illiterates in the age group of 15-35.  Issues they encounter on a regular basis are unemployment, drug addiction, suicidal tendency, homosexuality, peer pressure, prostitution, corruption and terrorism.

TWR’s response includes the broadcast of value based programs in five languages, share Biblical views through follow-up Christian programs in 15 new languages and conducting youth camps in partnership with the local church and listener meetings.


Female feticides have skewed the gender ratio to 933 women for every 1000 men.  Notwithstanding the medical advancements, 1000 women die each day during child birth even as unsafe abortion methods, rape, bride burning and child marriage continue to haunt the society.

To let every women know that God would set her free, TWR plans to produce and disseminate tailor-made programs in 20 new languages on the issues they confront.  Further, in partnership with the church seminars would be conducted.


With over 200 million oral non-literates in India and 17 million visually challenged, the literacy rate currently stands at 65%, male literacy being 75% and female 54%.

TWR is the process of producing and disseminating 20 new orality programs in unengaged and unreached people group languages.  Four produced programs will be aired in chronological order in addition to conducting listener meetings.

Holistic Development:

India ranks third in the number of people afflicted with HIV/AIDS.  Further owing to illiteracy and inadequate medical awareness, millions die each year.  Vulnerable to natural calamities, the country also wrestles with issues of poverty and infant mortality.

To meet this challenge, TWR is in the process of producing HIV/AIDS awareness programs to broadcast in Kannada, Telugu, Konkani, Marathi and Manipuri.  All programs would also provide tips on health care, while listener meetings will be conducted as a follow up. TWR will also provide care to the aged and has in place measures for disaster and emergency relief.