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About Us

TWR - India

Established in 1977, TWR in India began broadcasting in 5 languages from a 400 KW AM transmitter in Sri Lanka.  Today it disseminates the Good News in 83 languages daily for 18 hours each day.  TWR uses and makes available multiple media such as radio, internet, CDs, print, television and digital audio devices to provide information about Christ-like living, forgiveness and the gift of salvation. 

TWR reaches out to the masses through its systematic verse by verse study of the Bible Study as well as programs that cater to various groups such as women, youth, and children.  It also works towards creating awareness against the deadly disease of AIDS, in programs that target young people and children with an aim to develop Christian character.  Several other activities are carried out for women and the community at large.

On an average TWR India receives 20,000 responses each month.  These come from listeners from various walks of life - rural, urban, educated, uneducated, young and old, male and female, impoverished, drug dependant, depressed, blind, and illiterate as well as those in prison and hospitals. The staff in the 56 audience relation  centers spread across the country respond to every query of the listeners.




To reach the nation with God's love by mass media so that lasting fruit is produced